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HTMA Testing tells us what your doctors NEVER will


Your blood tests came back normal, but you know something isn’t right.

You’ve tried everything from Thrive to Plexus and even Beachbody, spending WAY too much on products that aren’t worth it, and yet you STILL feel exhausted and burnt out.

You’re a researcher and you’ve read every blog out there and now you’re even more overwhelmed by how to apply everything you know to YOUR specific situation.

Either way, if you’ve been searching for an answer to your unexplained fatigue, mood swings, and general sense of feeling like crap, and you’re still struggling, there’s one thing for sure...


You NEED to look at your minerals (aka the “spark plugs” of the body).

Because if they’re not firing right, how can you expect to?


In short, you can’t.


And no matter how much you sound the alarm that something feels off in your body, here’s what doctors will never tell you:


Roughly 94% of Americans have a vitamin or mineral deficiency.


Which means…


You probably do too.


And that’s where a Hair Trace Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test can answer what traditional blood tests, lab work, and medical practitioners can’t…


so that you can solve your health problems once and for all.

What is an HTMA?

An HTMA is a type of functional lab test that uncovers what traditional blood tests can’t by measuring the presence of 29 minerals and 8 heavy metals in your body that have a HUGE impact on your health.


These elements directly affect your:

metabolic rate and autonomic state (i.e., parasympathetic or sympathetic dominant)

stress levels

adrenal function

thyroid function

hormone levels


energy levels

mental health

blood sugar levels

liver and detox function


immune system function

chemical sensitivities

HTMA Significant Ratios

Here's what you can expect when your minerals are in balance...

Example showing minerals on HTMA

All day energy (yes, it’s possible)

Motivation and spark like you used to have

Better resilience to stress

Easier digestion, reduce bloating, and consistent bowel movements and more

Easier periods and reduced estrogen related symptoms (PMS, fibroids, etc)

Restful sleep that rivals that of your partner

Stronger metabolism

No more being controlled by your cravings

Less anxiety, less irritability, and no longer feeling on edge all day

Healthier hair, skin, and nails

“Trace elements (minerals) are more important than are the vitamins in that they cannot be synthesized by living matter. They are the spark plugs in the chemistry of life, on which the changes of energy and the combustion of foods and the building of living tissues depend.” - Dr. Henry Shroeder, M.D.

The Details...

The #momadrenal Mineral Mapping includes:

  • Initial HTMA Test Kit and review (re-test not included)
  • Up to 75-minute test results session to go over results, protocol, and ask questions
  • Fully customized protocol (supplement and general diet recommendations (no meal plans), lifestyle) so that you can quit guessing and trying all the things and get straight to what YOUR body needs
  • Access to core Calm and Balanced Mama Method program lessons to teach you how to eat specifically for the stage of stress your body is in - no more guessing which "diet" is best for you!
  • 20 minute check in 4 weeks after your protocol meeting for you to ask questions that have come up
  • 15 minute check in 6 weeks after your protocol meeting for you to ask any remaining questions to sustain your progress

Client Stories...

finally getting answers
HTMA review testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions?

“Micronutrients are needed only in minuscule amounts, these substances are the “magic wands” that enable the body to produce enzymes, hormones and other substances essential for proper growth and development. As tiny as the amounts are, however, the consequences of their absence are severe.” - World Health Organization

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