Corporate Wellness

Looking to hire a Nutrition Consultant for Corporate Wellness?


Learn how to decrease medical costs and increase employee productivity with engaging nutrition workshops and classes available to all businesses (corporations, yoga studios, barre studios, spas, chiropractors, juice bars, wellness centers, gyms, etc).


Interactive, engaging, and activity-based workshops designed to teach employees foundational nutrition skills to manage their health and decrease disease.

I have delivered my flagship workshop, Label Reading and Marketing Smarts, for corporate businesses, pilates studios, and even wellness centers.

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Corporate Wellness Testimonials

“Jeanne created a very informative nutrition workshop for our company, and it was one of the highest rated presentations that our company has had to date by participants. It is obvious that Jeanne is extremely knowledgeable on the materials she presents. She was very thorough in her materials as well as her responses to questions the participants had. She ended up presenting way more information than anyone anticipated, and everyone left feeling as though they had gained more knowledge to help themselves in their own health journeys. She even included several interactive activities in her workshop which all of the participants thoroughly enjoyed. I would highly recommend her workshops and look forward to her coming back to our office again!” — Charlotte R., Deputy Facility Security Officer, Apex Systems

"I recently attended a nutrition class hosted by Jeanne Clunn at Pointe Wellness Center in Hilton Village. The class focused on building healthy lunches for our kids. After the class I felt so excited to try some of the new things I learned. Jeanne talked about reframing how we present our kids meals and even if they don’t like it at first, keep putting it on their plate. You never know when they might change their mind. She suggested reframing healthy foods and super foods by putting them in a muffin tin to make the meal more fun. So we tried it. Muffin Tin Monday was a big hit. My two and a half year old son tried everything…even the kale! I was blown away at how making healthy food fun really made a huge difference.

Fast forward, a few weeks later we are still implementing the information from Jeanne’s class. We have gotten our son to really expand his healthy food horizons. He is now trying everything from beets and kale to starfruit and celery. Today he even requested spinach for lunch! Oh. My. Goodness. That was music to my momma ears! Clearly, Jeanne’s class is having a lasting effect on my son’s health and enjoyment of healthy foods. As a result, I am feeling much more confident making healthy meals for my family." - Crystal C., Wellness Workshop Participant, Kids Eat Healthy