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and Enjoy a Life Without Overwhelm, Irritability, Anxiety, and Exhaustion

Using nutrition, female physiology, and mineral mapping to master your #momadrenals and master your moods, energy, and life.

About The Calm and Balanced Mama Method

A solution that works in as little as 12 weeks to stabilize and nourish your #momadrenals


By focusing on the very hormones that trigger anxiety, overwhelm, and fatigue in productive, type-A go-getter moms (like cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine) and deplete your female and “happy” hormones (like dopamine, estrogen, progesterone)...⁣

Programs and Services

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The Calm and Balanced Mama Method

Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, irritable, anxious, and downright exhausted from the weight of it all? Have you tried therapy, medication, exercising, and various restrictive diets and feel like nothing works?


In the 12 week-long, online flagship program (see video above for more info), we support your stress response system, nourish your #momadrenals, and bring your hormones back into balance so that you can get back to doing what you love and feeling your best (rather than just riding the exhausting rollercoaster of emotions each day).

The Calm and Balanced Mama Method


Are you a busy mom who prefers to go at her own pace and who doesn't struggle with staying on track or needing accountability and support?


This on-demand, self-study alternative is open 1-2 times a year to provide the go-getter with all of the lessons and action tasks she needs to successfully nourish her #momadrenals and rebuild her mood and energy hormones, without the coaching and community, real-time support, and personalization.

Nutrition Jeanne Headshot
Nutrition Jeanne Headshot

The Calm and Balanced Mama Method

Graduate Program

Feeling inspired and ready for more? Want to tackle the additional physical symptoms from chronic stress and "level up" your health and happiness?


The Graduate Program provides you with the coaching and tools you need to continue on your journey, address additional hormones and organ systems that have been impacted, and create the thought patterns and structures that you need in your life to sustain your results and be able to handle whatever stressors life throws at you.

#momadrenal Mineral Mapping

Want to know EXACTLY what is happening in your body at a cellular level, what specific nutrients are depleting (or overstimulating) you, and how to use targeted supplementation to tackle it head-on?


The #momadrenal Mineral Mapping is an opportunity for you to received a personalized diet and supplement protocol based on Hair Trace Mineral Analysis (HTMA), a functional lab test that can answer what traditional blood tests, lab work, and medical practitioners can’ your body is functioning at a cellular level. So that we can correct deficiencies and imbalances at the root and resolve your symptoms once and for all.


Click the button below to learn more and find out if this is a good step for you.

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As an overwhelmed mom, I know that it's important to not only find a program that gets you the results you want but to do it in a way that doesn't add to your overwhelm.


So to help determine if The Calm and Balanced Mama Method program is right for you, I offer a #momlife or Adrenal Fatigue? Breakthrough Call to everyone. You can use the button below to schedule a call or fill out the contact form to ask a question.

Success Stores

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How The Calm and Balanced Mama Method Was the Life Preserver That Took Rebeca from Waking Up Exhausted and Not Excited to See Her Kids to Having Grace for Herself and Her Kids

How Mandi Got Rid of Her Daily Panic Attacks So That She Could Feel in Control of Her Life, Instead of Every Day Happening to Her.

How Michelle Went From Just Surviving Her Days to Feeling Confident and Capable in Her Emotions and Her Ability to Choose How She Wants to Feel

How The Calm and Balanced Mama Method Helped Tracy Go From Angry Over Every Little Thing To Feeling Happier and Less Stressed

Hey there, I’m Jeanne!

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Let’s get straight to it, I’ve been where you are: Angry. Exhausted. Irritable. Overwhelmed. Anxious.

I went from climbing the corporate ladder in my early-to-mid 20s to completely and utterly burnt-out as a work-from-home mom and military wife in my late 20s/early 30s.

My family told me I was dealing with “postpartum issues”.

My doctor told me my labs were fine.

All I knew for sure was that it felt like something was out of balance in my body.

(Like mentally, I knew I shouldn’t be reacting the way I was, but physically, I couldn’t stop myself)

It wasn’t until a friend asked me about my hormones that I started to connect the dots. But when I couldn’t get straight answers from my doctor, I decided to take matters into my own hands and go back to school for holistic nutrition.

Today, I’ve not only healed myself, but I’ve also supported and influenced 100s of women who now recognize the root cause of their fatigue and moodiness AND how to create a more enjoyable life.

Because the truth is, becoming a mom doesn’t have to mean just getting by.

And it doesn’t have to mean living a life of frustration and overwhelm. You CAN feel happy, confident, and enjoy the ride – regardless of what life (or the kids) throw your way.

P.S. - On a personal note, I'm a wife, mom to 2 human kids and 2 fur kids, runner, and wanna-be-yogi.

Resources to help you start addressing your exhaustion and mood swings

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Join the #momlife or Adrenal Fatigue? Private Facebook Group for access to weekly training and resources.

Click to Download the 3 Simple Steps to Boost Mood and Energy By Balancing Hormones Free Guide

Download the 3 Simple Steps to Boost Mood and Energy by Balancing Hormones FREE Guide

Click to Click to Purchase the Mood Food and Mood Chemistry Masterclass Replay

Purchase the Using Mood Foods and Mood Chemistry to Stabilize Your Biology (So That You Can Feel Happy and Enjoy Your Life) Masterclass Replay


Hello there! I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

I hope by now you have a better idea of what the next best step for you is.

Now, if you found that you are ready for a little (or a lot) of outside help, I would love to talk with you about it.

Maybe you’re already interested in what it would be like working with me…

Maybe you’ve seen or heard about the results some of my clients have gotten.

Maybe you want to talk about some of the ideas that have been floating around in your mind after reading my website...

Whatever it is, if you’re ready to discuss what a roadmap would look like to take you from overwhelmed and surviving to finally feeling energized, happy, and enjoying life again, I'm ready to talk to you.

You can book your free 60-minute breakthrough call using the button below or submit a short-form inquiry using the contact form below.

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