Client Case Study: From Irritable Over Every Little Thing to Enjoying Time With Her Kids and Dating Her Husband

How The Calm and Balanced Mama Method Helped Work-From-Home Mom of Three Ditch Her Meds and Take Back Control of Her Life

The Mom

Tracy is a part-time work-from-home mom of 3 young kids, 7 and under. Her job as a virtual assistant means that she is not in control of her own time, because completely dependent on her clients’ deadlines.

Mom's Challenge

When Tracy and I first spoke, she was completely overwhelmed. She said she couldn’t enjoy her kids or her husband, she was always angry,


Tracy relied on afternoon naps just to have the energy to get through her day and not fall asleep while trying to get her kids to sleep at night.


Tracy had tried therapy and antidepressants, but hated the responsibility of having to remember “one more thing” each day and often forgot to take her meds.


Despite the fact that many well-meaning friends and family members told her that what she was feeling was normal and to take her meds whenever she needed them, Tracy knew deep down that what she was feeling was anything but normal so she reached out to me to discuss how The Calm and Balanced Mama Method could help her enjoy motherhood - and life - again.

"I'm just overall feeling better because before I just wasn't well, which was a symptom of the Adrenal Fatigue"


When we first started working together, Tracy:

  • Was irritated over every little thing her kids did
  • Used all of her patience trying to serve her clients at her job so she had nothing leftover for herself and her family
  • Felt disconnected and annoyed with her husband for no reason


But, The Calm and Balanced Mama Method helped her to go from feeling irritable over every little thing to organizing her house, dating her husband, and enjoying time with her kids.


She shares her experience here.


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In this interview, you’ll see that you’re not the only one feeling this way. You may even recognize some of your own life in Tracy’s story.


But most importantly, you’ll hear and see what is possible from two women who have discovered how to live their lives without living in constant overwhelm and unhappiness.


So that you can take the first step towards believing that’s a possibility for you, too.

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