Master the Stress-Mood-Energy Cycle

Prevent the cranky uncontrolled mood swings and crashing energy by balancing stress hormones

... because having young kids doesn’t have to mean feeling exhausted and irritable every day

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“I DO NOT rise to [my kids’] energy and yell, scream or get angry at them anymore!...I am more confident and more free and open now.” - Michelle F.

Here's what's inside...

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  • How to raise mood-boosting hormones (...and stop living at the end of a short fuse, impatient, and unable to control reactions)

  • Waking up refreshed whether it’s 5 hours or 8 hours [who gets that?!]. 

  • Learn how to kick-start energy hormones (EVEN IF the doctor says it’s normal to feel tired)

  • Little known secrets working moms do in order to enjoy life - even on the tough days

  • How to handle whatever happens in life without overwhelm and burnout

“I am finally starting to get good sleep and feel like I have the energy to exercise again.” - Betsy W.

Here’s What To Expect When The Stress-Mood-Energy Cycle Is Balanced

  • Wake up feeling refreshed instead of thinking “ugh, it’s another day” and have the energy to focus on yourself and how you want to feel, rather than letting each day happen to you

“Having more grace with myself (and making room for some "grey" areas) has increased my that I have more energy and feel human again, working on some fitness goals too:)” - Gail C.

  • Finally stop yelling, screaming, and losing your temper over every little thing and feel like that strong woman you used to be who was excelling in every aspect of her life

“I'm no longer the angry mom. I'm no longer hearing ‘I don't like you mommy’ from my 3 year old.” - Rebeca B.

  • Gain control of your anxiety and mood swings so that you can go after the things you want in life, rather than feeling frozen in the overthinking and overanalyzing

“I wanted to see how focusing on taking care of myself could help me avoid having to line up at the doctor for a list of meds…[now] I have tools in my belt to work on the hard times that aren’t a pile of pills.” - Mandi F.

About Me! Who Am I?


Hi there - I’m Jeanne. I’m a mom of 2, marathon runner, wanna-be yogi, and founder of Nutrition Jeanne and The Calm and Balanced Mama Method.

I have been practicing nutrition consulting for over 6 years while working from home and being a military wife.

Prior to becoming a mom, I had always considered myself a high-performer. I pushed myself to juggle many roles, and wear many hats, and I was able to execute those things at what I thought was a very high-level.

Until it just became too much.

And somehow, along the way, I…lost control of my life.

I was angry.
I was so exhausted.
I craved sweets and caffeine.
I could never fully focus on anything.
I held on to belly fat even though I exercised.
I had absolutely no desire to be intimate with my husband.
And I didn’t have a period for 2.5+ years after I had my first kid.

I was literally so mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted that I felt like I just couldn't do it anymore.

So I started learning about aligning my days with the natural rhythms of my body and quickly saw an improvement in my energy and moods. I became a Certified Nutrition Consultant in holistic nutrition and continued to implement the strategies I learned around stress hormones. I stopped feeling so tired and moody and started to feel in control of my life and happiness, instead of feeling like every day was just happening to me.

...And I finally started enjoying life again while still finding the time and energy to do the things I loved outside of my mom duties.

Now my mission is to share what I’ve learned so no one else has to feel like they have no control of their moods (and their days) and they can find joy in life and motherhood again.

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