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What it looks like to go from an overwhelmed, stressed mom to a happy, confident mom inside The Calm and Balanced Mama Method

Is this you?

Do you feel like you drag yourself through the day because even 9 hours of sleep feels like 4?

Do you feel like since having kids you’ve gone from a productive, type-A go-getter to an angry mom?

Does it feel like you went from being able to juggle “all the things” to overthinking and overanalyzing?

If you’ve checked off at least 1 of the 3, you’re not alone and you’re in the right place may have #momadrenals.

“I DO NOT rise to [my kids’] energy and yell, scream or get angry at them anymore!...I am more confident and more free and open now.” - Michelle F.

Because the truth is...

for busy moms with young kids, your stressful life with ZERO BREAKS can cause your adrenal glands (the stress organs) get stuck “on” leading to:

  • Raises Stress Hormones

    An imbalance in your stress hormones, like cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine, and

  • Decreases Happy Hormones

    Depletion of your “happy” hormones (like progesterone and dopamine)

This constant state of “fight or flight” causes us to feel overwhelmed, anxious, irritable (angry mom, anyone?!), exhausted, and just plain burnt out. 


Which means that if you’ve just tried to address your mood, energy, digestion, and other physical symptoms and it hasn’t worked, you have to FIRST address your adrenal glands.


And that’s exactly what we focus on in The Calm and Balanced Mama Method.

“I never thought throughout this program I'd tackle so much anxiety...I started driving again which I honestly never thought I'd do anytime soon and with that I have gained so much confidence.” - Kelsey M.

A solution that works in as little as 12 weeks to stabilize your stress and mood control through biology. 


We do that by focusing on the very hormones that are triggering your anxiety, overwhelm, and fatigue (and depleting your female and “happy” hormones like dopamine, estrogen, progesterone)...⁣


So that you can:

  • Wake up feeling refreshed instead of thinking “ugh, it’s another day” and have the energy to focus on yourself and how you want to feel, rather than letting each day happen to you

“I am finally starting to get good sleep and feel like I have the energy to exercise again.” - Betsy W.

  • Finally stop yelling, screaming, and losing your temper over every little thing and feel like that strong woman you used to be who was excelling in every aspect of her life

“I'm no longer the angry mom. I'm no longer hearing ‘I don't like you mommy’ from my 3 year old.” - Rebeca B.

  • Gain control of your anxiety and mood swings so that you can go after the things you want in life, rather than feeling frozen in the overthinking and overanalyzing

“Having more grace with myself (and making room for some "grey" areas) has increased my that I have more energy and feel human again, working on some fitness goals too:)” - Gail C.

Here are Some Common Reasons Why Women Join The Calm and Balanced Mama Method

(despite feeling too overwhelmed to take on anything else)

  • They’ve talked to their doctor and every time the answer is the same, get over it or take meds, and they want a more natural option that actually addresses the root cause

  • They’re tired of wasting what little energy they have scouring the internet for answers that never seem to actually work and want someone to hold them accountable and walk them through the exact steps they need to take for their own unique situation

  • They have been told they are "normal" but they know something is going on with their hormones, and they want answers for themselves and their family!

“I wanted to see how focusing on taking care of myself could help me avoid having to line up at the doctor for a list of meds…[now] I have tools in my belt to work on the hard times that aren’t a pile of pills.” - Mandi F.

Here's What We Cover in The Calm and Balanced Mama Method

  • Breaking the Positive Cortisol Feedback Loop

Have you ever tried something to get control of your mood and energy and maybe it worked a bit but as soon as something went wrong you spiraled and started having problems again? That's what we call a Positive Cortisol Feedback Loop and it’s ramping up other hormonal levels that can trigger anxiety, irritability, and impatience that then create another stress response that tells your body you’re in danger. That’s why no matter what you try, you always revert backwards when stress happens, so the first step is to break the cortisol loop.


To do this, we remap your gut-brain connection using targeted mood foods that stabilize your mood chemistry and reduce low-lying stress within your body so that you’re energized and have the mental clarity to feel in control of your life and get back to the woman you know you are inside - one who is joyful and can handle whatever life throws your way.

(On average, my clients report 60% less irritability and anxiety by the time they’ve completed this portion of the program)⁣

  • Rebuilding and Repleting Your Mood, Energy, and Repair Hormones

Too much stress for too long doesn’t just make us feel stressed out and ramped up, it actually depletes our feel-good hormones, making it harder to feel good, both physically and mentally. This double-whammy is exactly why the second step is to rebuild and repair your mood, energy, and repair hormones, because it’s not enough just to stop the stressors, we have to repair the damage that they caused.


We do this by focusing on both the circadian and infradian rhythms through hormone-regulating movement, removing hormone hijackers, and increasing your consumption of the hormonal precursors that you need to rebuild depleted nutrient stores so that you are making feel-good neurotransmitters that improve your sleep and enhance your mood all month long.

  • Strengthening Stress Resilience So You Can Find Calm in The Storm

Getting your biology back in balance is great, but the truth is, stress never leaves us.


That's why we put a framework in place so that you can rewire your brain so that when another stressful event happens, your mind (and body) don't perceive it as a major threat or danger and you can stay calm.


This allows you to not fall back into old patterns and habits that haven't served you so that you can sustain your results for the long-term, feel empowered to continually assess your adrenal health, and create new ways of looking at things without triggering a stress response in your brain.

The Details...

  • What you get - unlimited access to the 12 week step-by-step program to support you through the 3 phase method described above, access to a private Facebook community to connect with other ladies and ask questions anytime, and weekly group coaching calls for 3 months to get all of your questions answered and chat with me weekly to help hold you accountable

  • How you access it - all content is audio format (10 minutes or less) so you can listen in the car, while you’re brushing your teeth, or any time between

  • Personalized support - received a personalized food log review so that we can identify potential nutrient deficiencies that are hindering your ability to heal your hormones and create a proactive plan to rebuild the nutrients you need for optimal hormone health

  • What it costs - less than $200/week for 12 weeks of personalized coaching, accountability, and support

Ready to feel like yourself again? Happy...confident...energized...and able to tackle whatever life throws at you with ease?


Here are two options to do next depending on where you feel you are.

  • Schedule a Call

    Schedule your #momlife or Adrenal Fatigue Breakthrough Call by clicking the icon to the left to see if The Calm and Balanced Mama Method is the answer you’ve been looking for and find out more about how I can specifically help you.

  • Send Me a Message

    If you’re not quite ready for a call yet and you still want some questions answered, please reach out and email me directly by clicking on the link to the left so we can connect.

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