Attention Burnt-Out Mamas

Using Mood Foods and Mood Chemistry to Stabilize Your Biology (So That You Can Feel Happy and Enjoy Your Life)

...a MASTERCLASS for overwhelmed moms who are tired of their fatigue, low moods, and anxiety affecting their ability to accomplish everything they want each and every day

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Is this you?

You’re tired of waking up exhausted and defeated and thinking, “ugh it’s another day” and you’re ready to feel like yourself again - to feel JOY.

However, there are just a few problems right now:

  • ​​Fatigue: You wake up tired no matter how much sleep you got, so you know from the start that it’s going to be a bad day

  • Moodiness: Your stress makes you irritable and impatient with your loved ones, causing you to overanalyze your actions at night when you should be relaxing or going to bed

  • ​Energy crashes: You rely on coffee and other stimulants to get through that “afternoon slump”, or you squander away any free time with naps

  • Too busy: You’re so busy taking care of everyone and everything else, that the thought of carving out more time to take care of yourself feels exhausting and overwhelming

  • "Magic pill" solutions: You’ve tried antidepressants and anti anxiety meds, but you don’t want to use them as a long-term solution

If you did a mental tally while reading through those symptoms and find yourself thinking, "yup, that's me..." then you're in the right place.

This is exactly why I created this Masterclass for you.


In it, I'm going to show you how to lay the foundation for improved energy so that your body can support the physical, mental, and emotional demands you're placing on it (at work and at home)...


...without completely depleting you and leaving you feeling unmotivated and like you don't even recognize yourself.


So if you've ever felt "stuck" - or even that this is what motherhood is supposed to be like - because you feel like...

  • There’s not enough time in the day to focus on you and get back to feeling amazing.

  •  It’s all too confusing and don’t know where to begin.

  • You can’t move forward because you are exhausted and tired. 

Then this Masterclass will show you a brand new way to use mood chemistry and mood foods to wake up with more energy and less “ugh” TODAY.


So that you can:
  • Wake up feeling like you have the energy to take proactive steps to start your day right

  • ​Stop relying on coffee and other stimulants to get through that “afternoon slump”

  • Understand how your diet, sleep, and lifestyle impact your energy and your mood

  • ​Make SUSTAINABLE changes in how you fuel your body to improve your energy and reduce your moodiness

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This Masterclass is for you if...

You Want To:

  • Discover the FIRST STEP to reduce stressors and calm your stress organs so that prescription medications aren’t your only option to calm racing thoughts and get rid of that “elephant on your chest” feeling⁣

  • Avoid the ONE mistake in your day that sends you on a hormonal roller coaster from panic to uneasy and crashing and irritable every day, week, month, and quarter⁣

  • Dive deep into WHY you’re feeling exhausted, moody, and anxious so that you’re not one of the many women who just accepts that being tired is a “perk of motherhood”⁣

  • ​Slice through the noise that you’re getting from your doctors by learning how to advocate for yourself, what to ask for, and how to listen to the signs your body is giving you⁣

Here's What's Been Said About Past Trainings...

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About Your Masterclass Host


Jeanne Clunn

Hey there, I’m Jeanne. I’m the founder and creator of Nutrition Jeanne and The Calm and Balanced Mama Method. I’m a wife to Michael, and mom of two kiddos, Carolina and Raleigh.


Before I was a Certified Nutrition Consultant helping tired, stressed out moms overcome their exhaustion and moodiness, I was climbing the corporate ladder in a male-dominated field, and loving every ounce of my success.


I was a Software Developer for an IT company supporting Federal clients. I was known for my ability to read between the lines of what my clients were saying so that I could get to the root of problems and give them the solution they didn't know they were looking for.

I thought that I’d be able to keep juggling everything (work, being a mom, home life, and that picture-perfect Pottery Barn house) at the same level I had before kids, but the reality is, that mentality eventually led me to burnout.


From the outside I looked “successful”, but on the inside I felt out of control.


I didn’t enjoy a single moment of motherhood (and felt constantly guilty for it) and I didn’t recognize the woman I had become - angry, unmotivated, negative. Every day felt like I was hitting up against a brick wall.


So I finally decided to put my proven track record of problem-solving to the most important test of my life - the test of my health.


I learned about stress, how it impacts the body and the adrenal glands, and how that can lead to hormonal imbalances that make everything harder than it has to be (the opposite of what I wanted!). I learned that the issue was beyond mindset.


I had literally damaged my biology.


And when I saw success - when I started waking up feeling refreshed and saw that I COULD still do the things I loved - I decided to combine my passion for problem-solving with my newfound love of health and went back to school to become a Certified Nutrition Consultant to continue to learn about hormones and stress.


Because the truth is that you CAN feel capable, energetic, and ambitious...without feeling like you’re riding a roller coaster of energy and emotions to do it all.


Today, I’ve healed myself and supported and influenced 100s of women who now recognize the root cause of their fatigue and moodiness AND how to create a more enjoyable life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

That time doesn't work but I want to attend, will there be a replay?

Yes! Anyone who enrolls and pays for the masterclass will receive a replay via email within 24 hours of the masterclass time that you can view on your own there is no such thing as "not having time".

Do I have to go grocery shopping to apply the information I learn in this masterclass?

No - at least not yet. In this masterclass, we will focus on simple, sustainable steps that you can take RIGHT NOW with whatever foods you have in your house to begin stabilizing your biology and increasing your energy.

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